What You Need to Know about Hardwood Floor Refinishes

Hardwood floor refinish is desirable when the old finish is damaged or worn out.  When you deice to do a refinish there are few things that you should know. You need to understand the contractor carefully.  This is because your floor is expected to be properly treated and be durable.  Expert refinishers understand the process fully and can help you make a good floor refinish.  The contractor can be evaluated though his/her works. You can check this by visiting their showrooms to see what they have. Still, you can ask for references to be sure that they do what they show on exhibitions.


The next thing you need to know is the wood floor installation will take time before it cures properly. This is because the room might be rendered unusable for quite some time. If you will be using the same house, it should not be done at once to allow use the rest rooms.  There are four reasons that make the rooms unusable. The furniture will have to be moved to other rooms to create room for refinishing. The second reason is that the refinish will require time to heal. If pressures are applied on the floor it can scrub which will affect it in the long run since it will peel the coating. The third reason is that will be strong odors that might not be healthy for you. These odors are generated by the stain removers and polyurethane. The forth reason is there will be fine dust. The dust can cause you coughs and sore eyes.


Another thing you need to know is that hardwood floor repair can allow penetration of water. The room therefore outgo to reminder. You can be advised this be the installer. The refinisher will not however tell you not to do the refinishing during the wet season. This is because it will take long for the floor to dry. It will also increase the chance of wood floor getting damp.


It is also important to know that there are roles that you are supposed to take while others are supposed to be taken by the hardwood floor installer. You need to ask this before you sign a contract with a contractor. Such aspects like furniture movement and cleaning should be clear to whom they belong to from the word go. The contractor will charge more if he/she will take more responsibilities. Know the budget before you start the project.

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